Recently, I learned that Katy, over at The Non-Consumer Advocate, and I share a passion for Marimekko, the iconic Finnish design company. Here is our twitter exchange that lead to a special surprise for me (for those of you who aren’t twitter users, read it from the bottom up):

You might want to stop what you are doing right now and head over to The Non-Consumer Advocate to read her post about what happened next. Katy’s a great writer, and her side of the story is much more entertaining than mine.

Back now? A few days later, a package arrived with these thrifted Marimekko sheets, already soaked and washed by Katy, a generous gift for my daughter’s room. They are a perfect match for the things we already have in her room. 

You can see how her room has progressed over the past two years here, here, and here.

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