It’s been about a month since my new living room rug came, and I’ve owed you guys some pictures! It took me a day or two to warm up to it, but now I’m really pleased with how it looks. The 8x10 size fits the space so much better than our previous 5x7 rug. I initially wanted a gray rug, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how fond I am of the tan. It goes nicely with the chair and couch. 

The rug was on clearance at Urban Outfitters for $99, and I used Christmas gift money for all but the sales tax. The quality is pretty average, so time will tell how well it holds up. I opted for this rug pad from Ikea, and it’s a little softer underfoot than the typical mesh rug pads that we’ve used in the past. It also seems to stick better to the back of the rug, which I love! I get so frustrated with those mesh ones getting bunched up around the edges. 

I get a wider angle with my iPhone so here’s a terrible, grainy picture to give you a better view of the whole room (I know, we are in desperate need of art for that wall):

We had planned to find a smaller coffee table to replace the current one, but after moving it out of the room to put the carpet down, I liked the room so much better with the extra space. The kids agree—they love having more room to play. 

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