It’s been a few months since I brought home a snake plant, and I haven’t killed it yet. Even though they are supposedly idiot-proof, I still had doubts about my gardening skills. It seems to be thriving, giving me newfound confidence, which is probably more self-deception than reality. Nevertheless, when a friend offered me a clipping from one of her beautiful house plants, I gladly accepted. 

She couldn’t recall the name of the plant, and my google searches are leading no where. Does anyone recognize it? The leaves are about 3 to 4 inches in length, with beautiful reddish burgundy veins. The backsides of the leaves are all that same reddish color, too. 

I’m hoping that whatever it is, it’s a fast grower. I can’t wait to plant it in this teak plant stand that my aunt picked up in Denmark in the 60s. I just need to find a ceramic planter that fits it first.

Just in case this little guy doesn’t make it, which with my past record is entirely likely, I’d love to hear suggestions of other house plants that are tolerant of neglect and minimal light. 

Udate: You guys are fast! Thanks to a few folks on twitter and Facebook, I was able to find out that it’s a “prayer plant" and after reading the growing specifications, it seems to be well suited for our house. 

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