I’m a casual seamstress at best, mostly sewing costumes for Halloween, repairing the random clothes that have been worn to pieces, and constructing—sometimes rather poorly—a few home decor items. Every October and a few other various times throughout the year when the sewing projects finally make a big enough pile, I drag out my sewing machine from a storage closet and unpack it from the original box. I set up a temporary station for a few days and try to crank out as much sewing as I can, all the while, dreaming of having a handy little spot to keep my machine permanently set up.

I was looking for a good location to work on some curtains for Tula’s room a couple of weekends ago, and not wanting to work upstairs while she was napping, I decided to see if my sewing machine would fit in the drop-down secretary portion of the new office shelves. I was elated to find out that the size was perfect! There was a small shelf toward the back of the compartment that was preventing me from pushing the machine far enough inside to close the front, but I discovered that it was removable.

Since the new spot would only be used by me, I wanted to dress it up a little. I went to Birch Paperie—yes, I’m going to keep mentioning that shop until you all go and check it out—and picked up a sheet of pretty paper that was big enough to cover the back of the compartment. I also found a purpose for my miniature ceramic shell chair. It’s now holding a magnet that I’m thinking about permanently gluing on, and it will give me a little place to keep stick pins.

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